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Support and Educational Resources for Children, Parents, Counselors, and Professionals dealing with
                                                                                Divorce, Illness and Grief & Loss.
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Sue Polan, MA LPC has 30 years experience counseling with children and families.  Her experience includes 12 years in private counseling practice and 18 years of school counseling.  She was named 2007 Outstanding Educator of the Year for School District 51, Mesa County, Colorado.

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In 1995, Sue co-founded Partners In Parenting, LLC for the purpose of teaching court-ordered divorce classes.  Since then, Partners In Parenting's mission has expanded to include teaching and facilitating a variety of parenting classes and seminars.  These include Brain-Based Parenting, Parenting the Adolescent Brain, Parenting the Pre-School Brain, Boy Brain-Girl Brain, and Parenting From The Heart.

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Listen 2 Kids Productions LogoThe need for these DVDs came about as a by-product of Partners In Parenting's divorce classes.   While there's a wealth of information from Divorce Professionals, there's very little that focuses on the unique perspectives of the children involved in divorce.   The same goes for Illness and Grief & Loss issues.  So Sue founded Listen 2 Kids Productions in 2010 "To help the voices of children to be heard in the world."   She says, "In all the years I've practiced and taught, I've never ceased to be amazed at the wisdom of children and how much they have to teach us."

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Contact Partners In Parenting with any questions and for more information about our variety of parenting classes and seminars.  

Fill out the convenient form at left to be notified about your choice of our programs and video DVD productions.  We will not ever disclose your email or other personal information to any third party.  

Class Registration:  970-243-3574

DVD information:  Contact Sue Polan MA, LPC at:

Partners In Parenting, LLC
P.O. Box 3954
Grand Junction, CO 81502

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Directions for Classes: 
Partners In Parenting classes are held in the Primary Care Partners Building, 3150 North 12th Street, Grand Junction, CO 81506.  Please park on the west side and use the "Docs On Call" door.  Take the elevator downstairs and signs will direct you to the conference room.
Note that there is No Smoking in the building.









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